The New Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 is the world’s favourite little roadster. Quite simply, there’s nothing else in its class. As an entry level sports car, the old version was difficult to beat, but Mazda have just released the next generation. It went on sale just two weeks ago and we’ve already heard whispers of phenomenal figures. We were lucky enough to get our hands on one and see what the fuss was about. We adored the last version. It was nippy and thrilling. In fact, it’s the most fun you can have without shelling out for a Ferrari. Would the latest model shape up?

In a word: yes. If anything, Mazda have found brilliant new ways to make it even better. They’ve barely touched the engine, but it’s everything around it that makes the difference. Mazda have made the world’s most exciting little roadster even more impressive. They’re out on their own in terms of competition; perhaps only the Audi TT offers a rival. So, it’s a job well done as far as we’re concerned. Let’s take a look in more detail, shall we?


The new Mazda will come with five specification options, including two petrol versions. The MX-5 will hit the market just shy of £18,500. That price will snatch you the 1.5-litre petrol engine. It will produce a lovely 130bhp and keep you tight in the corners. Spend a fraction more and you get your hands on the 2 litre, 160bhp model. Personally, the 1.5 litre is more than enough to get your thrills. But, if you need the extra power, the 1.5-litre is well worth the money.


The old MX-5 was widely regarded as the most exciting, fun little car on the planet. The reason wasn’t the modest engine under the bonnet. No, it is the way this car distributes that power. The precision 50-50 weight balance plays a big part here. It allows for perfect handling in the corners at any speed. The big difference between the old version and this latest model is the weight. Mazda have shaved an impressive 100kg off the car without losing any power. The weight loss gives the Mazda a higher top speed, better acceleration and improved handling.


Mazda has always been very reliable when it comes to their cars. As the car isn’t fully on sale, there are no customer reports to gather just yet. However, if it’s anything like its predecessor, it will be sensible and reliable. Most of their cars come with a quality servicing option. In fact, if you visit Lifestyle Mazda, you can see their servicing options listed. The engineering is simple and based heavily on the old model. There should be few problems here.

Running Costs

It’s tough to pinpoint any negatives around this car. However, one area where it doesn’t quite hold up is the fuel economy. Compared to others in its price range it falls rather short in terms of miles per gallon and CO2 emissions. Of course, that’s not what this car is designed for!

All in all, this car is, quite frankly, incredible. You won’t get your kicks any cheaper than this, that’s for sure. Mazda has a legacy with the MX-5, and the new model continues where it left off.

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