Quality Control: Why Your Cheap Car Batteries are destined to Fail

What does ‘value’ mean to you? Is it getting the product you need for the least expensive price, or is it getting a top quality product for a cost that’s simply reasonable? The meaning behind value differs between people and when it comes down to it, the decision really is a personal preference.
But when it comes to the safety and longevity of your car – quality control should not be compromised. Buying a car battery shouldn’t be about what you can get for the cheapest possible price but instead about the best value; a quality product at a reasonable cost. There’s several factors to take into consideration when determining the value of a car battery. From performance to warranty, price and endurance quality control is essential. Don’t buy cheap and get stranded, here’s what you’ll want to consider.

1. Why Do Batteries Fail?
Nothing in life lasts forever and batteries for your vehicle are by no means any different. Eventually, they are destined to fail – but how long they last can be determined by the application and operating conditions, and of course the quality of the batteries.
From manufacturing faults, to general wear and tear, over charging and undercharging or infrequently used vehicles and incorrect application, the life of your car battery can be influenced by many factors. Ensuring your car has high quality batteries will reduce the risk of them failing too quickly.

2. Factors Affecting Battery Life
Whilst there’s many factors that can influence the life of your car batteries, quality construction is the most important. And it tends to be the last factor that most people consider. Quality construction is what determines whether your car battery will be able to function and charge at peak performance over a longer period of time, without any issues. Car batteries that are constructed poorly will not charge properly as battery fluid can leak causing the terminal ends of the battery to corrode over time.
Another common yet overlooked factor that affect battery life is overcharging. This occurs when your vehicle’s charging system continues to charge the car battery even once it’s fully charged. It’s important to have your car checked if this is the case. Vehicle maintenance too, is crucial to determining what the “normal” life of your car batteries should be.

3. Quality Control
A car battery is only as good as its ability to charge quickly and drain slowly. Car batteries that are high quality are specifically designed to become fully charged quickly, even after a full drain. This means that in the event of an emergency, you’ll still be able to drive your car a short distance.
Quality control is imperative for car batteries because it’s your safety (and sanity!) that can be on the line. Have you noticed that every time car batteries stop working, it’s always when you need to be at some place very important? For many drivers, ‘value’ comes down to knowing that when you grab your keys and jump into your car, the battery will be working and your drive will be smooth and reliable.

Car batteries that are designed with top quality in mind will reduce the risks of you being left stranded somewhere and takes the stress out of having a vehicle that runs as it should. The value of car batteries can be one of the most underestimated issues when it comes to your vehicle, but making it a top priority will offer bigger benefits.

4. Why Extended Warranties Matter
The length of warranty on any product is a huge tell-tale sign about whether that product is reliable or not. Manufactures that are confident their product is high quality will have no problems standing behind what they have made. When they do, they are more likely going to offer you a generous warranty as they are assertive it will last the distance.
Car batteries that are reliable and high in quality will be backed up with a warranty that can range from 18-30 months. Most of the time, the manufacturer won’t have to worry about honouring them because their products will outlast the warranty period with ease. Purchasing car batteries that have a decent warranty will cover the battery in the event of failure, and the company will go a long way to making sure that you get a replacement for little to no cost.
Near enough is not good enough. Your vehicle should be a safe and reliable means of transport and one of the most important steps to ensuring this, is purchasing car batteries that are high in quality.

Author Bio
This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Autospark – Perth’s leading auto electrician that stock high quality car parts and batteries with full length warranties. You can catch Jayde on Google+ to discuss this piece.

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