Ferrari 458 Spider Crashes Inside An Estate In Johannesburg South Africa

It is not often that you hear about a crash occurring inside a complex or housing estate because most of them have speed bumps and space is very restricted. The incident apparently happened in Eagle Canyon Estate (Johannesburg) where the speed limit is set at 30 km/h to keep it safe for kids to play outside and to ensure something like this does not happen. The car has a temporary plate in the window which leads us to suggest that it was freshly delivered to the owner. Various Novitec Rosso bits and pieces have also been installed on the car and it seems to be finished in a matte red wrap. Seeing that only the passenger airbag has deployed and damage is restricted to the front, it will likely be fixed up and not written off. No word on injuries but looking at the crash I would assume nothing serious. I would assume this is another case of too much power for someone who has not been trained to drive a beast like this.

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[Photo’s via @help24JHB and @kakspotter (Twitter)]
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