Rumors Flying Around About Possible BMW M2 CSL And Other New CSL Models

BMWBlog has been informed by a promising lead that BMW are apparently working on a lightweight M2 CSL and I actually think this is true. BMW has a big fan base for their CSL variants and the insider source says there will be more CLS cars in the future borrowing design ideas from the Hommage concept. The insider known as Scott26 uploaded the following to Bimmerpost;

  • CSL will only be available for the Coupe models.
  • CSL Concept car will be shown in 2016.
  • CSL will use the ideas from the hommage such as stuck on but blended in aerodynamics to bring a fresh visual perspective to these more extreme hardcore M cars over standard M cars.
  • CSL cars will not only be the most extreme variants but will also be used as the innovation test lab to test new and exciting innovation to enhance performance but meeting legislation. That includes variations of Power eDrive that have been developed to enhance and assist performance whilst delivering exceptional sustainability.
  • CSL cars will be innovative in using lightweight materials, the BMW M4 GTS has its upper body completely fabricated with CFRP. And BMW have done additional developments with parts of the M4 chassis also using CFRP in reference to Motorsport purpose, but it would not be unthinkable for application within a road car. 
  • CSL continues the historic decision to use the then E9 and its Motorsport innovations within conventional road cars. But today the field is much further in terms of advanced innovation not only aimed at performance but also sustainability.
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