The Best Ways To Keep Your Car Safe

Your car is an important investment – here are a few things you can do to make sure your car has great protection from damage, wear, and theft.

Keep it covered and secure
A covered area is important for keeping any car in great shape. Some areas may have specific concerns that make a garage or carport essential for good car care. If you live in an area with a lot of hail or windstorms, then you want protection from objects hitting your car. Hail can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a car in little time. A car in a locked garage is far less likely to be vandalized or stolen. Good garage doors and maintenance must be performed for the protection of your car. Garage door spring replacement is one bit of maintenance that often gets overlooked. This can lead to a jammed or useless garage door. Car theft and vandalism in the Los Angeles area is a serious problem. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Proline Garage Door Service can install, maintain, or repair your garage doors so that you have the most secure space possible.

Car alarms
Not just any car alarm will do when you have a high-end car. You need one that is reliable and loud, but not necessarily one that goes off if you move within ten feet of it. Better car alarms allow you to turn them off remotely in case you are away so that you don’t get complaints.

Tracking system
A tracking system such as OnStar or LoJack can make it easy to track down your car in case it is stolen. Through GPS technology, the system can detect your vehicle’s movements precisely. This also increases the chances that the thief is caught and prosecuted.

Good lighting
Motion sensor lights can help ensure that thieves have a harder time breaking into your car. Since motion sensor lights only come on when there is movement, they don’t take a lot of energy. Lighting is one of the most inexpensive ways to deter car theft and vandalism.

VIN etching
Your VIN number is your car’s unique ID number. It is often located in the glovebox or steering column. Your garage can etch your number onto other areas of your car so that if one is removed, there is another. If your car is stolen and broken down for parts, this can help identify and track down the culprit. Although kits exist for you to etch your VIN yourself, it is really a job best left to a professional.

Hide belongings
If you leave expensive things in your car, you are inviting thieves to take advantage. Expensive electronics, money, and jewelry should be well hidden if you have to leave them in your car. Luggage should be kept in the trunk if at all possible. Even cheap jewelry can look expensive, so don’t underestimate the desire of a thief. If you routinely travel with valuables, then you should look into an insurance policy that offers coverage for lost or stolen items.

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