Aston Martin Confirm The DB9 Will Be Replaced With The DB11

We had a feeling it would be named this but finally after all the speculation we can confirm that the Aston Martin DB9 successor will be called the DB11. It will be unveiled some time next year but there are no additional details available at this point in time.

“Not only is it a sign of our intention to continue the long line of iconic sports cars that bear the ‘DB’ moniker – the very bloodline of our brand – but it also shows the world our ambitious plan in action,” he said, adding that “the coming years will see Aston Martin transform not only its entire range of models but also its scale and global presence, and the new DB11 will be central to that success.” – CEO, Andy Palmer.

We already know that the model will have an AMG-sourced V8 and V12 and its chassis will feature bonded aluminium so it will be much lighter.

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