Mercedes-AMG GT S And C63 S Crash On Track In South Africa [Video]

I have not heard about either of these new German machines being involved in a crash until now and what makes this so much worse is that they collided into each other. The incident happened on Zwartkops Racetrack in Johannesburg South Africa where the cars were performing a small show for clients when things went wrong. It seems the drivers were meant to follow a zig-zag pattern but for some reason, the driver of the GT S was a bit slow to make his move. The blue C63 collided into  the side of the GT S and shoved it off the track. The AMG GT S and the C63 S were both declared write offs on scene because of the extensive damage and airbag deployment. You can see in the video below that the impact was fairly significant but I can report that both drivers got out unhurt although one driver was a little bruised.


Before the incident
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