GWA Have Built The Most Insane Widebody Lamborghini Huracan

Move over Liberty Walk as it seems the Miami-based tuner GWA has just one upped you with their widebody Huracan. I thought the example from Liberty Walk would be as insane as it gets but it seems I was very wrong. GWA installed a seriously aggressive bodykit which they created in house and it consists of;

  • flared front and rear wing arches 
  • extended side skirts 
  • prominent ducktail-esque rear lip spoiler
  • modified rear fascia
  • new diffuser and bumper. 
  • new front bumper 
  • two small splitters extending out from each air intake
To really make a statement, they fitted the car with a set of unique gold aftermarket wheels which we have never seen before. The wildest Huracan in the world right now? I would say so!

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