Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6X6’s Steam Roll Into South Africa – TEN Bought By One Person

We knew they were coming and we knew the price tag was about R11 million but thanks to the exchange rate, the price has risen to around the R12 million mark. What most of you will not know is that there are already 10 of these monsters in our beautiful country and some (if not all) of them are the even meaner Brabus version. Pricing on the Brabus version is not available but a little interpolation from the cost in America and we land up at an insane R16 million. Now I am not 100% sure on this information but many strong sources have stated that a single individual in South Africa has purchased all 10. Yes you read that right, TEN! I could not get information regarding how many in total are coming to South Africa but I would guess that a couple more will be coming in the next few months. Cannot wait to see one of these on the roads. This ‘car’ has probably the biggest presence on the road anywhere in the world. As a reminder, the Brabus version of this car pumps out 700 horsepower and can get this tank to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds. Top speed is 170 km/h and your fuel consumption is well over 22 L/100km.

[Photo’s via @dr_koos, @mynie_vj, @6seventyfive]
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