Range Topping BMW X4 M40i Leaked – 355 HP and 465 Nm

Images and info on BMW’s M Performance X4 have leaked and all looks and sounds very promising. It will be called the X4 M40i and it will be powered by a 355 horsepower 3.0-litre turbocharged engine that can shunt the car forward thanks to 465 Nm of torque. That is an increase of 54 horses and 65 Nm over the xDrive35i (current range-topper). As it is a leak, full specs are not available but we do have some performance figures for you. BMW says the M Performance crossover reaches 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, beating the 35i model by 0.6 seconds, while maintaining the same limited top speed of 250km/h. The X4 M40i is expected to be paired to a reworked version of the standard model’s eight-speed automatic transmission with steering wheel paddle shifters and BMW’s xDrive all-wheel drive.

Only the real BMW guru’s among us will know the difference between this car and another X4 with M Sport package. The only differences are the satin grey trim on the front bumper corner air inlets and mirror caps. However if you look at it from the rear, you will clearly see the badge as well as the single exhaust on either side setup to distinguish it from other models.

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