RevoZport Lamborghini Huracan Looks Promising And Will Be Losing 100KG

I am a big fan of what RevoZport churn out and judging by these sneak previews of their Lamborghini Huracan kit, they will continue to create masterpieces. They say it will be the first tuned car to come with carbon fibre cross frame structure inside the door. Carbon will also be used for the hood, doors and the vented fenders while the aerodynamic body kit is going to add an aggressive front splitter, a prominent rear wing, side scoop extensions and an active aero diffuser. Even with all these add-ons, the car will actually lose 100kg to the standard car with majority coming from a 7kg iconel exhaust system. If you make a car lighter you actually get a performance gain per say but the team from RevoZport are still going to bump up the output to 690 horses thanks to an ECU remamp, new intake and the new exhaust. This is going to be quite something!

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