The Bentley Bentayga Offers You Choice Of World’s Most Expensive Car Option

Now that we have seen the Bentley Bentayga and the sheer opulence it offers the customer, I think it is time to share with you what has now become the most expensive option on a car ever. It was shared by @harrismonkey on Twitter and one of the options you can choose for your Bentley SUV is a highly rare timepiece that would be fitted into your dash between the air vents. This is not the usual Breitling timepiece you see in most Bentley’s but rather a Mulliner Tourbillion movement inside a Breitling watch.

If you know your watches, you will know that the price tag is something that very few individuals can afford. If you do select this option, you will need to choose between rose gold or white gold housing but either choice will get you eight diamonds encrusted in the face. This timepiece works on movement of the wrist so how would one work in a car? Well it is very simple. The mechanism completes a few rotations of the watch to wind it up and keep on ticking. No official price but anywhere upwards of $232,000 is expected and since the car’s price tag is around the $250,000 mark, you will have to be part of the uber-elite to tick this box.

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