Could We See A McLaren Shooting Brake In The Future?

McLaren has promised that it will add a new model sporting a unique bodystyle to their Sports Series range next year and it is not going to be a Spider or convertible. What worries me about this is that it could be a practical (extra storage) bodystyle and according to Drive, it may be a shooting brake. We all know how I feel about shooting brake’s and station wagons and a McLaren should not be degraded like this.

“I won’t deny or confirm but it could be an interesting way to go because that segment needs space” – McLaren design chief Frank Stephenson.

He went on to explain that the car will be quite different to the existing 570S and 540C, and that the targeted buyer will also be different to someone looking to purchase one of the existing Sports Series models. He explained that this was important to prevent one model cannibalizing sales of another.

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