LB Performance ‘Normal Fender’ Lamborghini Huracan Looks The Business

A couple of weeks back we saw the very widebody LB Works Lamborghini Huracan finished in bright red but what if you are a little bit more conservative and do not want your baby bull being cut and riveted to give it a unique look? Well they (LB Performance) are now offering a ‘Normal fender’ version which looks absolutely fantastic. You will still get a very low front spoiler lip, some new side sills, lowered ride and an angry rear diffuser but you will have to choose which rear wing you want. Both are in the ‘duck-tail’ design but one is bigger than the other. What you see below is the smaller version and it suits the new look of the car perfectly. If I was going to opt for a LB Performance kit for my Huracan, this would be it for sure!

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