The World’s First Lamborghini Drift Car Looks Absolutely Awesome

Daigo Saito is a Japanese drift driver who is sponsored by Monster Energy. He has just revealed his new ride which is the world’s first Lamborghini Murcielago drift car and it is insane. The car was created with the help of Liberty Walk in Japan and took around 7 months to complete. The car was completely dissembled to complete the job which included installing a bespoke braking system, upgrading the suspension, converted to rear-wheel drive and the V12 was given some extra love in the form of a power lift to 650 hp. Cosmetically, the car features a number of custom parts such as a massive rear wing, flared wheel arches, bright green wheels and the well-known Monster Energy livery. This is most certainly added to the list as one of the world’s most expensive drift cars ever made much like the Lexus LFA. The car will make its debut on the 24th of October in Tokyo.

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