Porsche Could Be Cooking Up A Retro 911 R

It seems that the German car manufacturer is allegedly cooking something for its diehard aficionados and if you are one of those, then it may be worth reading this and even digging a bit deeper yourselved. According to Vierenzestig, Porsche are planning on making a retro-inspired 911, fueled by either the 3.8-litre GT3 or even the 4.0-litre GT3 RS and of course it will be a limited edition model. It has apparently being called the 911 R and will be extremely brash with in-your-face spoilers and racing style cures. The name is a throwback to the original lightweight 901 911 R and this is apparently being done to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its ancestor. If this is all true, we could see it unveiled next year and an estimated 600 to 800 examples will be made.

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