Time to Drive in Style: All About Smart Sports Car Shopping

You may have been driving around in that run-down compact car for a few more years than you intended but there comes a point where you decide it is high time you were able to drive in style.
This means going car shopping and taking a look at models like the Dodge Challenger SXT for example, so that you can enjoy comfort and performance by driving away in the car of your dreams.

Time is right for a sports car
If you are looking for style and performance and really want to experience the thrill of firing up the ignition each time you get in your car, it is probably time to reward yourself with a sports car.
If you have done your estate and SUV driving and would prefer to concentrate on what is under the hood rather than how much luggage you can get in the boot, a sports car is most likely to tick all of the boxes.

Lifestyle choice
There is no question that deciding to buy a sports car is a lifestyle choice and you should take a moment to decide if a performance car with much less cargo and passenger space than a typical family car, is what you really want.

Having taken less than a split second to decide in your head that it is definitely what you want to drive, at least verify that you won’t really miss that extra legroom and boot space before you head to the showroom or start doing your research.

Consider the spec carefully
An important part of the sports car buying process is choose the level of specification you want, and this is something you should think about carefully.
Even before you have bought your sports car you should give due consideration to how its value will hold up and whether someone else will want to pay the sort of money for your used sports car as you would be happy with.

Used car values for sports cars can often be quite sensitive to the correct specification and you will often find that certain engine and gearbox combinations or trim levels are more popular than others.
Obviously you want to buy the car that you want but if you choose a color or specification that is not popular with other buyers, it might affect the resale value a bit.

Real driving
Plenty of sports car owners would probably describe themselves as motoring enthusiasts to a certain degree and one of the main reasons they buy a sports is for the exhilaration of speed and the driving experience.

To really appreciate and feel the power and performance you have at your command, it is generally perceived that real driving means choosing a manual rather than an automatic gearbox.
A stick shift gives you much more of a feeling of control and involvement in the driving of the car than letting an automatic gearbox have all the fun, so think about this aspect of your chosen sports car.

Going shopping for a sports car is a lot of fun and if you ask all the right questions before you buy, you should be able to enjoy a real motoring experience and remember why driving can be pleasurable.

Andrew Pearson could be described as a motor head! By day he works as a mechanic, by night he blogs about his passion in the hopes of one day being able to afford his own sports car His articles have been published on various men’s lifestyle and car blogs.

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