Wheelsandmore Offer Performance Upgrade For Ferrari 488 GTB

Just last week we showed you what xXx Performance managed to do with the new Ferrari 488 GTB but now Wheelsandmore want to show off what they are capable of. It has been dubbed the 488 GTB Settecente-Trenta and not only does it get a very strong performance boost but also a whole host of visual changes. Two tuning upgrades are offered by Wheelsandmore for the 488 GTB. The first consists solely of an upgraded ECU and new air filters boosts power from the twin-turbo 3.9-litre V8 engine to 720 hp (670 hp in standard) and torque also increases to 840 Nm. For the customer who wants a but more, Wheelsandmore can also include a custom exhaust system with valve control lifting power to 735 hp and 850 Nm. Since their name includes the word Wheels, you are also given the option to fit a set of aftermarket wheels called Fiwe and are made from three-piece forged aluminium.

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