G-Power Makes BMW M235i More Powerful Than M2

I am sure there are many BMW M235i owner’s out there who bought their car while waiting for the M2 to reach their shores. Well some of them might find it very difficult to get their hands on one as I recently heard that the BMW M2 will not be a fully fledged production car and could actually be limited. If this is the case, then G-Power has your back in the performance department because their new BI-TRONIK 2 V1 software gives your M235i more power than the M2. Output is raised from 322 horses and 450 Nm to 375 horsepower and 530 Nm respectively. G-Power says that with this ECU upgrade, the M235i matches the manual M2’s 0-100km/h (62mph) time of 4.5 seconds making it a real ‘pain-in-the-ass’ for M2 owners expecting to have you in a race.

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