Lamborghini Aventador by Aimgain Is Dramatic

We know that Japanese tuning companies produce some of the craziest creations and this Lamborghini Aventador from Aimgain is exactly one of those. As a start, they installed a bespoke bumper incorporating massive air intakes and a lowered and widened front splitter. On the sides we see some lowered skirts and some tightly-spoked white and black aftermarket wheels. At the rear is where it gets rather drastic with a towering carbon fibre wing and a very prominent diffuser.

Much to my surprise, the standard retractable spoiler of the Aventador is still there as the huge wing sits above it thanks to a massive pair of uprights fixed to the rear fascia. A car looking like this cannot have the stock exhaust so it complete the overhaul, it gets an aftermarket system and some adjustable air suspension.

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