Carbonfiber Dynamics Offer 700HP BMW M4R

Not everyone will be able to get their hands on a M4 GTS to have fun on a track so Carbonfiber Dynamics have developed the M4R to offer to you. The upgrade will drain your wallet just as fast as the car will go though. As you would expect, there is a lot of carbon fibre on the car including; Carbon front lip, an Alpha-N adjustable rear wing, carbon bonnet, side sills and diffuser. Under the hood is where the real business happens thanks to a Burger Motorsport JB4 system with fine adjustment and CANBUS command with eight different ECU maps. A down pipe, new Akrapovic exhaust, AGA valve command, new turbos and some methanol injection all come together to push out nearly 700 horsepower and 830 Nm of torque. Will it be too much? I sure think so.


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