Driving School Makes Life Much Easier

Many Alberta teens are eager to get on the road, but it’s not uncommon for parents to have concerns about their ability to teach their kids. There are many factors, from the winter weather to being on the road with large trucks that concern parents with a teen learning to drive. For many families, the best solution is a driving school with a basic driving school course option, making the GDL process much easier.

The Right Mixture of Instruction

A driving school offers fifteen hours total of classroom instruction and ten hours of driving instruction. This important balance of instruction helps ensure that teen drivers know about basic safety and rules before they even get on the road. Going through driving school lessons helps avoid some of the pitfalls of being taught by a parent, who may inadvertently overlook something important.

Convenient Class Times

Most driving schools offer weekend classes, helping busy teens avoid the stresses associated with trying to get into class after school. This option is also helpful for parents, who may find it hard to devote sufficient time to teaching their teen how to drive with their own schedules. When a teen opts to go through a driving school, they will have the assurance of having the right amount of time spent on their instruction.

Good Driving Experience

Teens will have the chance to get on the road under the supervision of their instructor. Many teens feel more relaxed in this setting, as parents sometimes become too stressed about their own car being used. By the time a teen receives their full license, they will be comfortable enough with a car to be trusted.

A Class 5 Makes All the Difference

One of the best things about Alberta’s Class 5 license is the number of vehicles that you can drive with the full version. You’ll be able to legally drive several vehicles from passenger cars to recreational vehicles to mopeds. This type of license is one of the most flexible ones of any location.

Lessons Are Great for Adults, Too

Driving lessons can also prove helpful for adults learning to drive for the first time. Many who lack a drivers license do so simply because they don’t have access to a car they can use to practice with. A driving school can also prove quite useful for those who have no hindrances to legally obtaining a license in Alberta but have a license that does not meet the provinces’ criteria for transfer. A driving school is a good solution for many.

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