Oakley Design Unveil Their 1145HP Carbon Bugatti Veyron

Last year we received a teaser and rendering of that Oakley Design were up to and they have released the first shots of the completed product for us to drool over. Originally it was a 1001 hp Veyron but has been given a performance boost thanks to the team. It now pushes out 1145 horsepower and 1580 Nm of torque. Thanks to a new carbon fibre body it has also lost at least 50kg. The design has been updated to the newer look lights a revised front splitter, rear bumper, side skirts, as well as a completely re-trimmed interior were also part of the overhaul.  The owner is waj786 who decided to do this to up date the look of his ‘ageing’ hypercar. They also fitted a new exhaust system which significantly increases the noise it makes. What do you all think?

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