6 Reasons Why You Should Drive a German Car

f you’re still not convinced by German cars, now is the time to change that. Many of the greatest cars and car companies have come out of the country. And here are the six top reasons to drive a German car.

1. The Germans Got There First

This might not seem like a big deal to you right now, but the first cars did come out of Germany. Karl Benz is the man who patented the internal combustion engine in 1879. And seven years later, he got a patent for his first automobile. They’ve had years to get it right, and that long tradition lives on to this day. Karl Benz is, of course, one of the men behind Mercedes-Benz, one of today’s greatest car companies.

2. Comfortable Interiors

In a recent survey, German cars were voted as the most comfortable. This incorporates the driving experience that the cars offer, as well as the interiors. It’s certainly true that companies like Volkswagen offer a very smooth driving experience. But the luxury interiors you get from a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW are also very important when it comes to delivering comfort. You can’t compete with the comfortable interiors of the best German cars.

3. German Engineering is Innovative

One of the interesting things about German car manufacturing is the position of the engineer. Unlike in other countries around the world, the engineer is highly respected in the manufacturing process. They are the ones that everyone else listens to and takes orders from. This has helped Germany to become one of the most innovative car companies in terms of engineering.

4. A Great Racing Tradition

German cars have always had a strong racing tradition. This might not matter much to ordinary drivers, but it does offer more evidence of the quality you get from German cars. If they’re capable of creating cars that can win win world championships and be driven by the world’s best drivers, they can also make good road cars. Germany is also home to the Autobahn and Nürburgring, where cars are often tested.

5. German Cars Are Affordable

Not all German cars can be called affordable, but many of them are. The great thing about German car-making is the level of variety on offer. You can get luxury if that’s what you want. But you can also get affordable cars from manufacturers like Volkswagen and Audi. Even BMW have made cheaper cars in recent years, but Audi is probably the best for affordability. You can search for an Audi online and find lots of affordable options in seconds.

6. They’ve Mastered Efficiency

One of the things that the German car companies have always been best at is efficiency. They are experts at making sure their cars go further on a smaller amount of fuel. BMW’s 335d is one of the cars that proves this. It’s a clean diesel car, and the BMW i3 is also one of the best compact electric cars on the market too. Their commitment to strong engineering allows them to achieve this efficiency.

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