Driving Adventure of a Lifetime – Racing Driver Abu Dhabi

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to drive a racing car? To sit behind the wheel of a classy Aston Martin and drive it at racing speeds? Or to feel the sensation of driving a Formula 1 circuit at night?

Well, look no further, because there is one place in the world that offers the opportunity to fully experience the thrills and spills of driving this way.

Tucked away in the desert an hour outside of downtown Abu Dhabi, you will find an adrenalin packed venue that offers everything for the motor racing enthusiast.  Yas Marina is the home to Formula One each year, as well as other large international motoring events. It is here you can have the chance to fully enjoy a true racing car experience. You can be in charge of a range of high powered performance cars.

Yas Marina Circuit has put together a great collection of performance cars that will allow you to become a racing driver for a few hours.  The vehicles available to drive at Yas Marina are certainly not standard cars used commonly around town.

Feel the speed and rush of a real Formula 1 setting, in a car that suits your taste.  Their selection includes the Aston Martin GT4, Chevrolet Camaro, Mercedes AMG, F3000, or the Yas Radical SST.  A fine selection of full race specification cars, will set your heart pumping and imagination drifting. Once you have made your choice, start your engines and let the fun begin!

If you don’t want to drive there is also the chance to be a passenger in one of these fine cars, to experience the thrills of the Yas Marina circuit. But – be warned, once you finish you might want to change places with the driver!

The Yas Marina circuit fully caters for the experience. Firstly, you are suited up in professional racing drivers gear, then will be given a full safety briefing, and then be led to your car.  For a few laps, you will be escorted around the circuit with a driving instructor, who will show you the racing lines and braking points to consider, when driving yourself.

Once the instructor is satisfied you are competent to take full control, they will guide you back to the pits for a further safety briefing.  When you have finished you will be strapped into your car, and allowed to leave the pit lane.  For safety reasons, there will be a pace car on the track with you leading the way, each lap you will improve and increase your speed to match the pace car.

The feeling of adrenalin running through your body, the impact of the high G forces when navigating the bends and braking points of the full Formula 1 circuit will be with you for many days after your driving experience.

Yas Marina is also home to a driving school, where they can teach you all there is to know about fast driving.   There are a whole range of different facilities that will allow you to feed any need for speed junkie!

You can choose from a drag race in a Chevrolet Camaro, a drifting session on a customized track, or circuit driving in the Mercedes AMG or Aston Martin GT4.  This venue is incredible for any speedster who has the dream to be a racing car driver for a day.

Before your day ends in Yas Marina, you can also take advantage of visiting the incredible Ferrari world, home to the world’s fastest roller coaster.  Reaching speeds of up to 120 kmh you are literally going to be holding on for dear life during this crazy ride!  Ferrari world is a must for any Ferrari lover, where you will be greeted with another world’s first, the largest indoor theme park.

You will be able to experience the thrills of a Formula 1 race simulator, an incredible range of Ferrari’s on display and, of course, lots of other things to do with your time.  So plan ahead and expect to spend a day in the fun packed Ferrari world, and then take an evening drive under the floodlit circuit of Yas Marina.  This will truly be a life changing, memorable experience

We are sure you’ve now got your mind in the mood for an adrenalin packed driving adventure. Don’t forget to send us a postcard!

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