2017 Porsche 991 GT2 Mule Spotted Winter Testing

So it seems the team over at CarPix/AutoEvolution have spotted the new 991 generation Porsche GT2 doing some winter testing and the car does not feature any camouflage. How do they know it is something different? Well just look at those oversized exhaust pipes! As you would expect, the model is based on the 911 Turbo with aerodynamic kit but it differs thanks to the black hood and large exhaust pipes. This is a spot of the mule and not the actual car but it is a safe assumption to say that this car, when completed, will be an animal! We can expect it to feature more aerodynamic elements like a big rear wing, along with an enhanced front spoiler. For now, it is unclear whether the 2017 911 GT2 will be available with a manual gearbox as well, but the lightning-fast PDK twin-clutch gearbox is expected to be available with this version. Power wise, we can expect the GT2 to deliver something close to the 700 hp mark which will put this right back into the widow-maker category!

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