South African Rendering Artist Dreams Up BMW M GT

Giom Mouton is a South African rendering artist with a huge passion for BMW. As some of you know to celebrate 100 years of BMW, they revealed the Vision Next 100 Concept which has not been received well at all. This is where Giom comes into play as he has rendered what he thinks would have been the perfect anniversary car. It is called the BMW M GT and the idea behind it is simple.

“What if BMW green lights BMW M GmbH to do their own thing with a fresh model developed totally in-house. Introducing the M GT. In my opinion, this model could start off where the the M4 GTS ends. Focus would be on performance rather than luxury using lots of carbon bits and ceramic disks as standard” – Mouton

Since it is a GT car, it would have nothing less than a V10 upfront for a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and there is plenty emphasis on the aerodynamics of the car to decrease drag. Given the following images, I wish this was actually true because the Next 100 Concept they showed us yesterday is rather disappointing.


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