Jon Olsson Reveals His Mega Huracán Project

For those of you who have not heard of professional skier Jon Olsson, you have been hiding under rock but for those who have, he is working on something mega! He recently lost his RS6 DTM to theft and subsequently burnt to the ground so he is bouncing back with something a lot more intense. He is calling it the “Mega Lamborghini Huracan Project” and judging by the images below, it is going to be epic. “Even for me ripping of the panels of a brand new Lambo with 478km on the clock is not normal! But I Am very bad at settling for something standard so there was no way around it! It needed to be done!” – he said. A Swedish 3D visualization company called MLT are scanning the Huracáns body so the 3D building project can begin. I am quite positive that this is going to be mind boggling!


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