Jaguar’s SVO Division Contemplating Bolder Project 7

What we love about Jaguar’s SVO division is the constant development, no rest attitude as they are already contemplating a ‘more individual’ successor to the Project 7 special edition. When asking about a successor to the Project 7 speaking to Auto Express, design director Ian Callum said “We’ve thought about it. We’ve started asking, ‘What do we do after Project 7?’, because I’d like to take it a step further. And that means making it more of an individual car than an F-Type.

“But the business case is hugely difficult,”he added. “What can you charge for it?What do you charge for a Jaguar? How far can it go? With a supercar like the C-X75, you could probably go to £1million, but with a limited number of, say, 200 cars. And even that, as a business case, was pushing it. So if you’re going to get into the realms of something that’s a modified F-Type, it’s very difficult.”

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