Novitec Just Made Their Ferrari F12 N-Largo Kit Even More Bonkers

We are pretty sure most of you thought the Novitec N-Largo kit by Novitec could not get more ridiculous but you would be wrong. They have now added to the collection with the ‘S’ variant and it looks completely mental.

The additional letter only provides some visual upgrades as the N-Largo’s performance figures are more than enough. If you need reminding, the V12 packs 770 horsepower which is more than enough for the ‘average’ F12 driver. The N-Largo S will be limited to just 11 units and it comes with a much more aggressive and rather overwhelming appearance. You may think it is just a tweaked version of the ‘standard’ N-Largo but in actual fact, the kit is all new, with every panel redone. It sports 7 cm of additional width at the front and 14 cm at the back and as you would imagine plenty of carbon fibre aerodynamic pieces are present. To complete the insane looks is a complete exhaust system, which includes everything from mufflers and cross pipes, to a valve-control feature.


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