Aston Martin Vulcan Owners Offered Road-Legal Conversion

What if you own one of the 24 Aston Martin Vulcan’s but really want to take it on a public road? Well an engineering company called RML can help you with this dilemma. These conversions will be carried out independently of Aston Martin and will take about three months to complete the necessary changes. They will likely focus on three key areas;

  • safety aspects
  • ride height, gear ratios and anything to make it more usable on road
  • bespoke changes requested by customers
Autocar managed to speak to Aston boss, Andy Palmer, who had the following to say about the conversions;
“When we went to market, there was hesitation from a few prospective owners because it didn’t have a road pack. We didn’t want to make it road legal from the start, because [special projects boss] David King and his team wouldn’t have been able to make such a stunning car in the first place, but RML said they had the ability to do it.

So it has taken a bit of time to work out what’s possible from an engineering perspective, but we expect four or five owners will take advantage of this. We have the sales of the last two cars currently under negotiation and it looks like the road conversion could be the closer on those deals.”

The exact price of the road conversion hasn’t been revealed, although it is likely to stretch to a six-figure sum.

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