Volkswagen Spotted Testing GTI Clubsport S At The Nürburgring

For those of you waiting to buy the new Golf GTI Clubsport, maybe you should hold onto your cash for a bit as Volkswagen has started high-speed testing of a more powerful Golf GTI Clubsport S. As the name suggests, it will be a more powerful, lighter version of the already trackworthy Clubsport, which is said to use the engine of the Seat Leon Cupra 290 and ditches rear seats in favour of a half roll cage.

Autocar reported earlier in the year that this model would be considered and thanks to these spyshots, we can confirm that it has progressed into the latter stages of development already. Power is expected to exceed 300hp which would make it about 40hp more powerful than the ‘regular’ Clubsport. The interior will be sufficiently stripped of luxuries making it weigh substantially less than the Clubsport too. VW has remained very quiet about the car but it is expected to arrive later this year in limited production numbers costing more than the Golf R.


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