New Lexus Hybrid Could Be The Car To Win Over Petrol Heads

Even as we enter the modern world of environmentally friendly, it’s difficult to get petrol heads excited about hybrids. As the name suggests, they expect certain traits from their dream cars. Noise is important. It’s got to make a roaring noise as it races past houses. Then, there’s the style. A proper sports car won’t look like a science fiction fantasy. It will have the exhausts and the curves that make a teenage boy drool. In short, if you want your sports car to win over petrol heads it’s got to look great on a poster pinned to a wall. Have Lexus finally cracked the code with their latest hybrid. We think they just might.

Introducing The Lexus RC 300h

The first thing you’ll notice about this Lexus before you get behind the wheel is the way it looks. We’d be amazed if anyone thought this was a hybrid after just one look. It doesn’t seem like a Hybrid. It looks like it’s got the power of a petrol engine underneath the hood. The racing lines across the body are important too. As is subtle, yet distinguished spoiler. Say what you like about Lexus, they’ve created quite the looker here. While we’re not sure they’ve quite designed a car that would go on a teenage boys wall, they aren’t far off it now. But that’s just the front cover. It’s time take a look inside.

Rich Interior Design 

The Lexus boasts an interior that could rival or even replicate that of a high end supercar. Yes, we’re going that far with the praise. If you get the leather seats option, they’re beautifully complemented by a gorgeous, modern dashboard. There’s plenty of space too. Whether you’re buying this just for yourself or to chauffeur around your family you won’t be disappointed.

One of the weaknesses of the car is the lack of a touch screen. Perhaps it isn’t fair but these days we tend to expect a touch screen in modern cars. It makes everything so much easier. Or, maybe it’s time that more cars introduced the gesture control option BMW are preparing. Either way, it’s a definite downside of purchasing this vehicle. We’re going back to the stone age with knobs and buttons. It’s odd because if you check out some of the older Lexus models from a source like Currie Motors, this feature was included.


That little detail aside, you’re still looking at a car that will easily climb to one hundred and seventeen miles per hour. That’s quite impressive, especially for a hybrid. It’s still hard not to shake the idea that all hybrids are slow, and this could be seen as the final proof that’s not true. Although, maybe it’s because they are so quiet, you hardly feel as though you’re driving at any speed at all.  Hybrids aren’t quite as popular as you might imagine. So, seeing a car this powerful, being so silent is still an impressive display.

As you’d expect from a hybrid, the biggest advantage is still fuel efficiency. It will do 56MPG and that’s a high number to beat. Even most hybrids are going to struggle. Sure, there’s still room for improvement.

However, overall if you do end up purchasing this car, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Particularly, if you want a machine that looks like a proper sports car.

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