Only 5 Units Of BMW’s M4 GTS Heading To South Africa [Updated]

The BMW M4 GTS will be a serious collectors item thanks to its 700 unit production limit and the fact that it is a mighty track machine. All 700 of these units have been allocated around the world and if these unofficial allocation numbers are to be believed, then South Africa will only be seeing 5 of these special German machines. There seems to be big discrepancies between the number of M4 GTS units per capita.

  • USA – 300 units – Largest M market in the world
  • Germany – 80 units
  • China – 15 units – Biggest single market for BMW in world
  • Canada – 50 units
  • Hong Kong – 1 unit
  • Indonesia – 3 units
  • South Africa – 5 units 23 units
  • Mexico – 2 units
  • Poland – 1 unit
  • France – 10 units

As BMWBlog states, these are numbers gathered from dealers and not officially reported by BMW.

UPDATE: South Africa will apparently be getting a whopping 23 units. They will be sold directly by BMW SA to very carefully screened clients so they don’t end up on trader’s floors.

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