Ferrari 488 GTB Gets The Novitec Rosso Treatment [Video]

The Novitec Rosso Ferrari 488 GTB was teased last year November but now we have all the details on the evil twin-turbo Prancing Horse and the numbers are proper! As with most tuning programs, there is an engine performance boost and the Novitec team have added an extra 84 hp to bring the total up to 745 hp which is more than the F12berlinetta. These numbers are not off the charts but Novitec want their cars and projects to be reliable performance gains. The extra power comes with the help of an ECU remap, as well as a custom exhaust. The latter can be had in stainless steel or inconel, the exhaust material used by Formula One cars. Keeping the new machine on the road is a combination of new suspension setup and some sexy aero components made out of carbon fibre. Aside from the front lip spoiler, side skirts and rear apron elements, the list of carbon bits also includes the air intake fins and fixed rear wing. What we love about Novitec is that when they release info on their new projects, they give us some footage too so enjoy the two clips below!

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