These Are Apparently The First Shots Of The McLaren P1 LM

Not much is known about the car other than it will have F1 seating and styling cues but the team behind the job is Lanzante who are responsible for converting the P1 GTR to a road legal spec.

“Not much is known about the P1 LM at this point in time, however it can already be seen from the attached image of XP1LM that the P1 LM will feature a number of exposed carbon fiber surfaces finished to a high degree of visual quality, most notably the rear wing supports and bumper elements surrounding the iconic P1 LM emblem. Its frontal dive planes also appear to be more integrated into the front fascia compared to those on the P1 GTR. Matching F1 LM production, only five production P1 LMs will ever be made in addition to this XP1LM prototype. Inside sources have reported that one of the five will be painted black, with the other four featuring the iconic McLaren Orange hue.” – TheCoverage

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