Why Has The Ford Brand Stood The Test Of Time?

Ford is one of the oldest and most successful car companies in the world. Its cars are one of America’s greatest global exports too. But what has allowed the Ford brand to stand the test of time? Read on to find out.

Affordable Product
One of the main reasons why Ford became so successful in the first place was its price. Henry Ford aimed to make it possible for everyone to drive a car when, at the time, this wasn’t the case. Of course, time has proven him right. That’s in no small part down to the production line process started by Ford decades ago. This made it possible to produce large quantities of cars in a quick and cost-effective manner. The savings could then be passed on to customers, meaning more people than ever could afford to drive. And affordability is something that the Ford brand is still associated with to this day thanks to their clever pricing strategies.

Everything else would be pretty much meaningless if Ford didn’t offer quality to their customers though. People only like low prices when they are getting something worthwhile in return. And, over the years, Ford have consistently managed to produce cars that are not only affordable but durable and reliable as well. This level of quality is what keeps the brand ticking over, and it keeps the sales rolling in. Visit any good Ford dealer and you’ll see the quality of the manufacturing for yourself. They sell so many used cars for a reason. Those cars can last for a long time on the road, so used Ford cars make great purchases.

Strong Brand Identity
The Ford brand identity has remained steadfastly solid for many, many decades now. We all know the Ford logo when we see it. That’s an important factor in itself. The Ford logo is not only one of the most recognisable car logos but one of the most easily recognisable logos in any sector. It’s up there with the Apple logo and the McDonald’s arches as one the best corporate logos around. There’s nothing particularly complicated about it either. They have also managed to solidify the attributes associated with the brand. These are reliability, integrity and honesty. No one can argue with attributes like those, and they seem to be permanently attached to Ford.

Something for Everyone
Ford has not simply stuck to one type of car and left it at that. They have expanded their horizons. They make affordable cars for families, but they also make high-end corporate cars and sports cars. On top of that, they make vans that are among the best in the world. That means they have tapped into the corporate sector as well as the private vehicle ownership sector. By making sure that they have lots of irons in the fire, Ford has always managed to stay afloat and find success. This is something that the company has done for a long time, and will continue to do in the future too.

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