Four Car Hacks That Actually Work

In this age of the Internet, there are tricks—often called “hacks”—that make peoples’ lives easier. Here we will look at some unusual hacks that involve your vehicle. Read on for these hacks!

1. Use Your Brain

Think about if you may have a late model car with an electronic key fob and if you may be too far away to activate it. To quickly increase your remote key fob’s strength, place it underneath your chin and open your mouth when you press any of its buttons. As odd as this sounds, it uses your skull as a type of amplifier, and will amplify the signal’s distance. Try it—you’ll be amazed!

2. Be an expert defogger
If you get to your car and all your windows are fogged up, most likely you will turn on the heat, press the defrost button and wait. Here’s a quicker way to do it:
First, turn your heater to its max. This will help get rid of the moisture in the air. Then, turn on your vehicle’s AC for a couple of minutes. This may sound nuts, but it makes the air inside the vehicle drier. Following that, switch off your air recirculation so you get the cold outside air (dry air) coming into the car while you’re running the heat. Finally, open your windows a bit, so that even more cold air enters your car. You will find that your windshield defogs very quickly now because any moisture has been removed.

3. Keep Snow Off The Windshield
If you live in an area that gets a lot of snow, you are surely fed up of brushing all the snow and ice off your car every morning. Some people get around this by putting a big sheet of cloth, like an old blanket across their windshield the night before it snows. Then in the morning, you just pull the blanket off the windshield, and you will see that your windshield is ice and snow free.
To make this easy, tuck this blanket into your side windows and close them.  Then the wind won’t blow the blanket off the windshield. This is a hack that many people don’t believe until they try it!

4. Cooling Down Your Car in Hot Weather
Here’s something you can do in warm weather to cool down the car quickly. After your car has sat in the sun on a hot day, the air in your car becomes superheated. Here’s a quick way to cool things down: open one window in the car, such as the passenger’s side window. Then walk over to the vehicle’s opposite side (the front driver’s side in this example) and open and close the door about five times. That forces the all superheated air out of the car through your open window and lets ambient temperatures replace it.

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