Lamborghini’s Own Aero Package For The Huracan Looks Fantastic – In South Africa Soon

Back in May we saw a computer generated image of a Huracan wearing an OEM bodykit. Well now we have the first shots of the kit on a car and it looks absolutely epic! The kit will cost you $22,500 and it includes a new bumper-grabbing front lip, side skirts, a hefty rear diffuser extension, and a rear wing, which might please true Lamborghini aficionados, as it’s reminiscent of a bull’s horns. This particular vehicle sits at Lamborghini Newport Beach and it is fully spec’d with some of Lamborghini’s latest accessories and options available for the baby-bull. It comes with the Track Telemetry Package, full Exterior aero package (as mentioned) and some very striking red graphics from front to back. List price on this particular car is $299,888 which is hefty in the states.

Back to the OEM kit offered by Lamborghini as we can confirm that there is a kit coming to South Africa very soon to be fitted on a stunning silver Huracan.

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