McLaren F1 Could Be Reborn As A Hyper-GT Car

The iconic F1’s three-seat layout is set to be resurrected in 2018 on an ultra-fast and luxurious new McLaren grand tourer with a 700bhp-plus V8 engine and a £2m price tag. Thanks to Autocar, we now have some seriously exciting news coming from the bespoke Special Operations division at McLaren.

The P1 will remain as their range-topper but the new F1 will try and become the fastest GT ever. An insider has the following to say; “It applies the F1’s three-seat configuration to a different need: rapid, cross-continental travel with supreme speed and style. The result will be the most exquisitely crafted and luxurious road-going McLaren yet made.” McLaren personnel are referring to the car as a hyper-GT.

Read more detail from the Autocar article here.

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