Mercedes-AMG May After All Limit The GT R To Just 2000 Units

When the team from Mercedes-AMG unveiled the GT R at Goodwood FoS last month, they said that the car would not get a limited production run but it seems they have changed their tune now. According to Autocar, executives at the company hinted that it may cap production at the 2,000 mark. If this turns out to be true, you can bet that the customers who got their orders in early will be rather pleased about this. Mercedes-AMG also think that most of the GT R’s will spend a lot of their life on a racetrack which would be great news but how the hell can they predict that? If they do decide to limit production, it won’t be the first time a firm has done a backflip and restricted production on a model which was originally announced as not being limited. For example, Porsche released the popular Cayman GT4 without any hint of it being limited but according to our sources, production will cease after fewer than 2,500 units are built.

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