Ways to Get Better Gas Mileage

Would you like to spend less on gasoline than you presently do?  Sure you would, we can’t imagine anyone who wouldn’t! That being the case, did you know that there are many things that you can do to your driving habits and to your car that can give you a huge increase in gas mileage? Take a look at this list  of eleven items below:

1) Buy gas either early or late in the day – If temperatures are high then gas is more dense, meaning you get less of it when pumping. For less dense gas buy the gas in the early morning or at night.

2) Combine errands– It’s amazing how few people do this. It is possible to save a great deal of money by combining errands into a small number of trips. Try it!

3) Drive slow – For every 5 miles per hour you reduce highway speed, you can reduce fuel consumption by 7%. Most people do not realize this, and it is especially true for vehicles that have big, frontal surfaces, like trucks and vans.

4) Check the air filter – Studies have found that nearly one in every four vehicles needs an air filter replacement.  Clogged air filters prevent air from flowing freely into your engine and can reduce a car’s gas mileage by up to 10%.

5) Keep your vehicle tuned up – When was your last tune-up? A properly maintained engine tuned to the manufacturer’s guidelines can improve mileage by up to 8%.

6) Check your tires’ alignment – Poor alignment not only causes tires to wear out quickly, but also forces the engine to work harder. Align your vehicle’s tires and save up to 10% in gas mileage.

7) Tighten the gas cap – Believe it or not, a loose gas cap can cost you money due to evaporation of gas from your tank.  This could rob you of 30 gallons of gas each year if you’re not careful!

8) Keep the tires inflated – This is a big one. More than one-quarter of vehicles are running on deflated tires. The average under-inflation of 7.5 pounds causes a fuel efficiency loss of 5%.

9) Drive smooth – This is easy. Avoid jack-rabbit starts and you will improve fuel economy. According to the service team at Patrick MINI, a full-service car dealership in Schaumburg, IL, feathering the gas pedal when you leave stop signs and lights can save you up to 10% in mileage.

10) Do not idle – Besides causing pollution, idling wastes gas. If stopped for more than thirty seconds, turn off the engine, and, unless it is super cold out, don’t bother to “warm up” the car before driving.

11) Use low octane gas – Don’t use a higher octane gas than what your vehicle needs. Higher octane gas is only necessary for higher compression engines.  For most vehicles it simply isn’t needed. Check your owner’s manual for the gas grade that you should be using and use that.

Incorporate these tips into your life and you could cut your monthly gasoline bill by 20% or more, and with little effort too!

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