BMW’s M3 Looks Menacing In AC Schnitzer Guise

We have seen some shots of the BMW M4 in AC Schnitzer guise but now the tuner has released some more shots and info on their M3 package (also applicable to M4). Starting under the bonnet with an ECU upgrade means you bump power from 425 hp to 503 hp and torque from 550 Nm to 645 Nm. Then you slap on a re-worked exhaust with silencers, flap control and sound pipe and you got yourself one angry German machine. You can opt for either AC Schnitzer’s suspension spring kit or the RS adjustable suspension which will improve cornering but likely make the ride rather jarring.

On the outside you get the typical AC Schnitzer aero package and if you choose the Stage 3 kit, you get all elements in super-lightweight carbon. This includes; carbon front spoiler elements (which weigh only 400 grams), a racing splitter, carbon fibre side wings, rear and roof spoilers, and even carbon fibre mirror covers. This thing looks absolutely menacing and if it were up to us we would get the full kit minus the dramatic rear wing.

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