The Only Green Carbon McLaren P1 In The World Is Heading To Auction

If you have kept up to date with supercar and hypercar news, you would have seen pictures of this very unique McLaren P1 and if you have some spare ‘change’ lying around, you can pick it up at an auction next month. The car sports chassis number 2 which means it was one of the first privately owned P1’s in the world. When it left the factory back in 2014, it was painted green but when McLaren offered owners the chance to convert the car to carbon fibre panels, the owner took them up on this and converted it to a fully green carbon hypercar. To complete the striking appearance, the car is finished with green carbon accents in the cabin and some matte green forged wheels. Pre-auction estimates suggest the car will sell for between $2.5 million and $3 million.

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