Designer Behind The Ferrari Enzo Unveils His Kode57 Supercar – Mayweather Buys It

Ken Okuyama is the man behind the Ferrari Enzo design and this weekend at Monterey Car Week, he unveiled his own Kode57 supercar. Under the body sits a V12 delivering about 600 horsepower and it has had it’s suspension setup engineered by Novitec Rosso. The vehicle’s name pays homage to the year 1957 when iconic vehicles like the Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and Jaguar XKSS were launched. As such, Okuyama has taken inspiration from racing cars of that era, particularly with the open-top speedster design, narrow windscreen and simple cockpit. The price tag sits at about $2.5 million so there are only a few people around the world who can simply just buy one. Floyd Mayweather is one of those individuals and he has snapped up the first Kode57.

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