Living with a Supercar – Some Quick Maintenance Tips

Buying a supercar is just the first half of a very enjoyable experience. Whether you want to use the supercar on a daily basis or you’re buying one to collect and use on weekends, the best supercars today still require a certain amount of maintenance and servicing. In this part, we’re going to go over some quick maintenance tips you should know when owning a supercar.

Regular Service Is (Always) Best
Unlike other types of cars, especially low-cost or affordable cars for the masses, you need to actually stick to a maintenance schedule when owning a supercar. You should never – and I seriously mean NEVER – wait until there is something wrong with your supercar before taking it to the shop for repairs. This will prove to be a costly mistake nonetheless.

Instead, take your brand new Maserati to a certified Maserati service shop for regular maintenance. Regular maintenance jobs are generally very affordable. Not only will you be preventing serious damage from ruining the car, you’re also saving a lot of money in the long run.

DIY and Non-DIY
There are a few supercars that are fun to tinker with. When you own an old Ferrari, for example, it’s always tempting to play with the beast under the hood a little bit. You may want to do the basic servicing yourself; this is perfectly fine. You can, for instance, change the oil of the car or replace its spark plugs when needed.

With newer cars, especially computerized ones, going beyond that point is definitely not something you should do. The Ferrari 458 Italia is a good example of a modern supercar. The engine still works the way conventional engines work, but there are sensors and electronics involved as well. Tampering with these sensors can prevent the car from performing at its best.

If you’re not sure whether you should do certain maintenance tasks or modifications yourself, always choose a trip to a garage as your main option. You can then ask an experienced mechanic about whether you should do the maintenance routine yourself in the future.

Speaking about asking the mechanic….

Learn More About Your Car
Getting to know your car more is actually one of the joys of owning a supercar. There is so much to learn as well. You may not know that your car has a hidden launch control or a way to turn the traction control off for some fun driving around a race track. Most supercars have hidden menus, certain tricks to master and quite a lot of other interesting things to learn about them.
The same goes for supercar maintenance. Every car needs to be treated the right way, especially if you want to keep the car for an extended period of time. Don’t hesitate to talk to your mechanic about general maintenance whenever you visit the shop for a service. You can even learn a trick or two about how to push the supercar to its limits.

These tips are simple, but they will help you keep your supercar running smoothly and away from potential problems. Use these tips to your advantage and have a great experience living with a supercar.

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