3D Design Launch Carbon Fibre Bumpers For BMW M4

Many tuners are focusing their efforts on the newcomer Bimmer, the M2, but 3D Design are working on improving older models such as the M4. What seems like an industry first, 3D Design are now offering fully carbon fibre bumpers for your hot machine. The BMW M4 featured here is wearing full carbon fibre front and rear bumpers that also incorporate a different approach in terms of aerodynamics.

Basically, the front bumper not only has a new design but it also sports an air splitter that’s integrated in the design. In the back, the bumper now featuring a massive diffuser and two extra air vents. According to 3D Design, the front bumper is also compatible with the BMW F80 M3 while the rear bumper business seems like it is for the M4 only.

Yes there will be some weight saving thanks to the new lightweight add-ons but it does not look good since it does not match the rest of the car.


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