White Ferrari 458 Italia Collides With Cow On N17 Highway South Africa

When I woke up this morning I came across two pictures of a very damaged Ferrari 458 and after digging a little further, found out that the supercar had hit a cow on the N17 highway in South Africa last night. Details are very scarce at the moment but the damage looks severe enough to have injured the occupant(s). Let’s hope no one was seriously injured in this incident but looking at the car, the write-off possibility is very high. People are very quick to blame the driver for speeding simply because it is a Ferrari but this comment on Facebook puts that theory to rest rather quickly.

“The N17 is notorious for cattle wandering onto the road. My Nephew hit a cow just before the Leandra toll gate in June and was lucky to get out alive. It is a bit low to blame the Ferrari driver of speeding! If it was any other vehicle, like my Nephew’s Mitsubishi Mirage, no snide remarks would be made! The Toll Company should be brought to task for not patrolling and keeping the cattle off the road! It is a National highway with a 120km speed limit after all!”

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