Gas vs. Diesel for Power Generators

There is a great deal of debate when it
comes to which is the optimal ground power unit for
heavy machinery, like airplanes, trains and construction equipment. Which is
better? Gas or diesel generators? Both have their merits, and both offer a good
deal of energy. So which one do you use?
After this brief guide from StartPac, you may find it hard to decide which
one is the best one for you and your business.
The biggest advantage to using a gas
electric hybrid GPU is that you’re burning a cleaner fuel, which is as
efficient as diesel and sometimes less expensive. Natural gas is one of the
cleanest burning substances around, and it’s already available in most major
cities. It can be difficult, however, to get fuel into rural areas. Especially
if there is no source of fuel close to the project site/airfield.
That said, natural gas is also reliant on
the flow of gas. In a natural disaster, it may be difficult or nearly
impossible for these kinds of generators to run for very long.
A diesel electric hybrid GPU is slightly more
expensive than using natural gas, but still one of the most affordable and
efficient fuels available. Diesel is also extremely reliable, and can supply
steady power for longer periods of time. Because they don’t require wiring or
spark plugs, diesel generators also need less maintenance to work.

However, they do tend to carry a higher
upfront cost thanks to all that reliability. The good news is that reduced
maintenance costs do help to make up for that price tag.
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