LaFerrari Aperta Spotted Filming Promo In Barcelona

The LaFerrari Aperta has not made it’s public debut yet but it seems Ferrari are not too phased about this as it was captured in Barcelona filming it’s official promo. One quick search on Instagram and you will see multiple shots by multiple people so they have not been very secret about it.

Sadly the car in the promo is not the unique Nero spec we saw in the first official images but rather the firm’s customary Rosso Corsa and thanks to the license plate, we can confirm that it is indeed the LaFerrari Aperta. There is a small badge on the side skirt commemorating Ferrari’s 70th anniversary which will be celebrated next year.

Another small visual tweak other than not having a roof are some silver pin stripes across the exterior. Production is likely to be capped at just 150 units and with one car apparently trading hands for $6 million already, you can bet your bottom dollar that these will be one hell of an investment. With that V12 howling behind you and the roof of must be an experience unlike any other…

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